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Local businesses gear up for St. Patrick’s Day weekend fun

(WBNG) — St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and Broome County businesses are ready for the big day.

“We’ll have Guinness, sausage, corn beef and sandwiches, corn beef boiled dinners, that kind of thing,” said Irish Kevins owner Kevin Telfer.

Some Irish bars and restaurants in the Southern Tier have been preparing for this weekend.

“We have Irish dancers,” said Telfer. “We have traditional Irish music with a dulcimer hammer, that type of thing coming early in the afternoon.”

Telfer says it’s been busy this week to get everything ready.

“We’ve been preparing for the last few days,” he said. “It’s a lot more work than you would think.”

He says all the extra work is worth it for this weekend.

“Oh it’ll be jammed,” he added. “It’ll be wall-to-wall people. Take a lot of the chairs out and a lot of the tables out so people can have more room to stand. But people are really, really good about St. Patrick’s day and parade day.”

McGirk’s Irish Pub in the town of Chenango is also getting ready for all the fun.

“Preparing especially the corn beef, the briskets take about six hours each to roast off in Schmidt’s beer,” said McGirk’s Irish Pub owner Tim Ward. “Peeling the potatoes and the carrots, and soaking the cabbage. To get everything ready, It’s about a four day process to get ready for Sunday.”

He says there will also plenty of music with the celebrations.

“Entertainment starts at two o’clock in here in the pub and also in the Blarney Room,” said Ward. “We have Irish dancers coming in the pub and the Blarney Room, bag pipe band in the pub and the Blarney Room.”

He says he’s looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day.

“It’s our biggest single day of the year,” said Ward. “It doesn’t matter what day it falls on. Our food sales are the largest on St. Patrick’s Day. Even though it is a Sunday, it will be packed in here.”

Esperanza Gutierrez

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