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Take a look at April the Giraffe’s new bundle of joy!

HARPURSVILLE (WBNG) — The world-famous giraffe, April, welcomed a new addition to her family by giving birth to a brand-new calf Saturday afternoon at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville.

“The work and the labor of love that goes into our propagation program and watching April develop this calf for the past 15 months, we are celebrating,” said Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch.

Patch says the baby is actually a bit different from April’s last calf, Tajiri.

“This new calf is actually about ten pounds heavier and a few inches taller than Tajiri when he was born,” said Patch. “The calf is a 139 pounds and standing at 5’11”.”

Patch says the next few days between April and her baby are important.

“We’re having a lot of bonding right now,” said Patch. “April is nursing her calf. Her calf is learning to get stable on his feet. If you watch our giraffe cam he’s already running around the stall and so forth.”

Patch says as the calf continues to grow he’ll start to get more noticeable physical changes.

“Those tufts of hair on his head, the ossicones, these next few days they’re actually going to actually start to stand up,” Patch explained. “So we’re going to see these little, little milestones that are actually quite monumental in development.”

Patch explains to 12 News what will happen in the future to the baby.

“Ideally this calf will find placement in another program that we agree with and will carry on his genetic duties,” he said.

For now he’s got a big fan base keeping a close eye watching his every step.

“Our fans are still there and we’ve gained many, many more,” he said. “We had people tuning in around the world on a daily basis obviously to watch the new calf on the ground but also shared in the experience.”

You’ll be able to meet the baby and his family May 1st, which is opening day for Animal Adventure Park.

You can also give the baby a new name. You can cast your vote by clicking here.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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