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B-Devils Sit-down – Movement between leagues and upcoming games

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – The Binghamton Devils are in the midst of a long road trip, and will visit the Springfield Thunderbirds Friday, followed by the Providence Bruins Saturday. 12 Sports Director Nicole Menner chats with head coach Mark Dennehy about the upcoming games, and the constant movement of players through the NHL, AHL and ECHL.

On establishing consistency with so much transition between leagues:

“It’s funny you know, coming into the season I talked to some people about just that,” said Binghamton Devils head coach Mark Dennehy. “There’s going to be a lot of movement, it’s part of the job. As the season goes on, I’m asking the guys that have been here before, ‘is this normal?’ They say, ‘oh yeah this is normal, this is normal.’ Until about six weeks ago. And between the injuries in New Jersey and the call ups, some of the trades that opened up spots for some of the younger guys, some of the injuries that we’ve had, this has been somewhat of an outlier year. So there should be a lot of pride in Binghamton that we’ve played a part in developing some of these younger guys.”

On pride seeing his players move up to the NHL:

“You know what, I’ve only been here for four months,” said Dennehy, “but even if it’s just a little part of their development, it means a lot. I mean that’s why you do what you do, to help these guys achieve their goals. Combine that with, yeah we’d like to win some more hockey games, but I like how we’re playing down the stretch, even though we’ve got a lot of new faces, I think they’re familiar enough now with how we want to do things, that it’s more than just moving players on. I’d like to see us finish strong.”

On the team’s mentality ahead of games against the Springfield Thunderbirds and Providence Bruins:

“Well I think what I like about it is we’re on the road,” said Dennehy. “Whereas some weekends you’re home and away, and so you almost have to flip the switch. I mean when we leave on Thursday, that will be the mentality until we get back on Sunday night, is hey we’re on the road. A lot of times it can bring your team together. You like to have those situations early in the year where you don’t know each other, but guess what, we’ve got so many new faces, that’ll be good for us to gel a little bit”

The Binghamton Devils return home Friday, March 29 when they host the Thunderbirds at 7:05 p.m.

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