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Snow hits parts of the Southern Tier, causing mixed emotions

DEPOSIT, N.Y. (WBNG) — The snowy weather caused many school delays and cancellations throughout the Southern Tier Friday.

This week we welcomed the beginning of spring and the return of snow.

“I wake up and say snow and I don’t have to shovel it,” said Joyce Rice of Deposit. “My husband shovels. I make the oatmeal.”

Rice and her niece Chandra Vanwinkle are originally from California. They say they enjoy seeing the snow.

“I’ve only ever seen like packed in snow way up high in the mountains in California so this is awesome, just fresh snow,” said Vanwinkle.

Others in the Deposit community could go without the snow.

“I’m tired of it now,” said Peter Carson of Deposit. “It’s time to get the motorcycle out and get the shop working and getting things ready for spring and summer.”

Carson says he wasn’t too excited when he saw the weather forecast.

“Again, again,” explained Carson. “That’s about it. I’m getting used to it. But not happy with it.”

Many were out shoveling to make clear pathways on some of the side streets and sidewalks.

“I have a lot of projects I’d like to get to,” added Alan Martin of Deposit. “I actually got to see them there for a brief period and then they were rudely taken away again.”

Esperanza Gutierrez

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