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Five Mile Point Speedway to stay open, founder’s great grandchildren taking over

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) — After its fate was up the air, the Five Mile Point Speedway will remain open for it’s 69th season this year.

For Tyler, Tucker and Tanner Harpell, the speedway business has been in the family their entire lives.

“We used to have a crib up here and I was up here for pretty much my entire childhood,” said Tyler Harpell.

The speedway has been passed along through the Harpell family since the brothers great grandparents founded it in the 1950s.

Last fall, however, Harpell said the future of the speedway was up for grabs.

“My uncle had mentioned that he didn’t plan on returning and that he was looking for somebody to lease the speedway.”

That’s when Tyler and his two brothers stepped up to the plate, saving the track from the potential of closing.

“It’s kind of a surreal feeling, we’ve been here our whole lives, but we’ve never really been in charge.”

He says the racing community is overjoyed the trio stepped up and now they’re working on renovations.

“We just want to give fans and drivers a great place to show up every Saturday and give them the best track in the area and we definitely think we can do that.”

The track opens for their first official race on April 6.

Julia Gorman

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