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Committee looking to get Thurman Munson inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame 2020

During the 1970s, Thurman Munson was among the top three catchers in major league baseball. Now a committee is looking to get him inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“Thurman Munson was named to seven all-star teams, respected by his peers and was the heart and soul of the Yankee championship teams of that era. When viewed through the prism of modern baseball analytics, Thurman Munson had an incredible decade of dominance from 1970 to 1979 that matches up with other catchers in the hall of fame.”

Thurman will be eligible to be on the ballot that will be voted on during the December 2019  meeting of the veterans committee. If selected, he would be formally inducted in 2020. You can get more information online or on Facebook through either the Thurman Munson Fan Club or the Thurman Munson Hall of Fame. You can also call Gary Kaschack at (609) 290-1645 and Tom Tunison at (607) 857-0647. Also follow along on Twitter @munsonhof. Use the hashtag munsonhof2019.

Kara Conrad

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