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Just days away from ‘The Twilight Zone’ reboot, what you need to know

(WBNG) — In anticipation of the release of Jordan Peele’s reboot of ‘The Twilight Zone,’ there’s a lot to learn about the show that originated back in the 50’s.

Long before its success, the show’s creator, Rod Serling, lived in Binghamton.

Describing her father, Anne Serling says, “He was brilliantly funny, very down to earth, playful, silly, nothing like the image you see walking across the sound stage.”

Serling went to Binghamton High School where the fine arts school is now named after him.

His hit show later aired in 1959.

“It dealt with human issues which I guess is why it’s lasted so long, because it dealt with racism and mob mentality and scapegoating and things that are still very, very prevalent and relevant today sadly,” said Serling.

Nearly 60 years later, Jordan Peele is set to debut his own reboot of the show on Monday April 1.

“We have to kind of do justice to the rules of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and the aesthetic that Serling and his team set up, but then we get to tell stories that are relevant to 2019 and really just update it,” said Peele.

Serling says she’s seen Peele’s ‘Get Out,’ adding, “I think that he and my dad could have had some incredibly interesting conversations.”

As for her hopes for the reboot, she says, “that it would deal with the same kind of important themes that we still need to be talking about.”

Prepping for the big reveal, 12 News also spoke with CBS Anchor Jane Pauley who will have special coverage about the reboot on CBS Sunday Morning.

“‘The Twilight Zone’ was more than just the strangest show on TV, with the best theme song, but back in the 50’s Rod Serling was serving up social commentary through science fiction,” she says.

It’s clear Rod Serling and ‘The Twilight Zone’ will not be forgotten.

Serling says, “I think my dad would be so honored and shocked that he’s remember all these years later.”

Julia Gorman

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