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How the ACA helps local immigrants

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — In the wake of the tragedy ten years ago, the American Civic Association continues to assist new immigrants with their everyday lives here in the United States.

The ACA aids immigrants in a variety of ways, everything from finding a job, to more complicated tasks, such as learning to speak English.

Officials with the ACA say breaking down language barriers can improve the quality of life for immigrants.

“They really struggle just going to the grocery store or just doing everyday things, getting a driver’s license or any number of things that we consider to be just normal everyday activities. If they don’t speak English and they don’t know the customs of our country, it gets very difficult for them,” said Site Supervisor Paul Suarez.

Suarez added that the ACA helps immigrants learn about other things as well, to help them get used to their new home.

“They learn about the culture, they learn about the holidays. They learn about what’s required to maintain a good, healthy life. A lot of people we see have very good English, but they don’t know much about the country. They don’t know much about civics, or about our government, or about many different things. So, we teach all those different skills. It’s just a really great program and we’ve helped many, many people,” he added.

Dan Conklin

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