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Binghamton celebrates its 152nd birthday

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Community members were celebrating quite the birthday on Tuesday.

The city of Binghamton turned 152-years-old.

The people who live in the city say it’s a place to celebrate.

“The buildings are unique enough to make this city outstanding,” said Jim Bryden of Binghamton. “It’s really a tourist area. If we can just get the rest of the world to understand that.”

Binghamton residents say the city is thriving with its architecture to its many restaurants and businesses.

“I love all the activity that’s going on,” said Mary Lou Muratori of Binghamton. “I feel like Binghamton is really recovering and becoming a new Binghamton with the old, which is wonderful because I love all the old buildings and architecture that we have in this community.”

The sidewalks, old homes, and brick buildings, all tell a story, revealing Binghamton’s past.

“Binghamton as we are now in Broome County was actually on the other side of what they call the proclamation line, which is the line in which colonists were not allowed to pass during the British rule,” said Bundy Museum History and Art Public History Program Coordinator Andrew Pragacz.

He says the city has seen it all.

“Binghamton has gone from a place that was dominated by American Indians through to that were then dispossessed in the American Revolution through to a small kind of settlement,” he said.

Through hardships and improvements many say they are fortunate to be a part of Binghamton.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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