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Amelia Biancardi – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – “The sky is the limit for her, it just comes down to that day-in-day-out discipline,” said Binghamton women’s lacrosse coach Stephanie Allen.

Binghamton’s Amelia Biancardi, is tied for the team lead in goals, has 23 total points and a .765 shot percentage.

“For me I just go out there and do what I have to do,” said Binghamton junior Amelia Biancardi.

“I have always told myself since middle school that lacrosse is business to me. My role on this team is put goals in the back of the net so I just go out there and put as many back as I can.”

Biancardi has been on fire but it hasn’t been an easy season. Binghamton women’s lacrosse lost its first twelve games of the season, three of those in conference play.

“This is a competitive group and while they are young they have learned a lot over the course of the season. They have improved from game-to-game and I think that is the biggest thing is growing the confidence,” said Allen.

“I guess our attitude is next play or next game so after a loss you just have to think next one, what can we do for the next game,” said Biancardi.

On Saturday, thanks in part of another Biancardi hat trick, the Bearcats downed UMass Lowell 13-7 to grab that first win.

“It was an amazing feeling finally getting that win but I am not satisfied yet, and I don’t think anyone on the team really is,” said Biancardi.

“She really came out on Saturday with a point to prove and put herself in a really good position both with the ball and off the ball,” said Allen.

The Long Island native has made quite the leap this season. After only eight goals her sophomore season she is now tied for the team lead.

“When Amelia is focused out there she can play with the best and I think that is something we are encouraging with her day-in and day-out,” said Allen.

“We are fairly young, we graduated a lot of seniors so it was just my time to step up and really be a big presence out there on attack,” said Biancardi.

Now that Binghamton has that first win under their belt, Biancardi thinks more games in the win column will come to follow.

“We have the capability to win the next four games that we have out there, hopefully making that tournament. Hopefully things play out the way we want them to and we still have a chance,” said Biancardi.

The Bearcats are in action Saturday when they host Hartford at 4 p.m. at the Bearcat Sports Complex.

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