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Setting the stage for the ‘Sock Out Cancer’ benefit concert

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Planning and preparations have been underway to make Friday night’s concert a big success.

Hundreds of people are expected to crowd the Broome County Forum Theatre for the Sock Out Cancer benefit concert.

Its purpose is to raise money for people in the community affected by cancer.

Concertgoers will hear hits from the 1980s from former lead singers of Santana and Journey, along with the Philip Myers Band.

“If the referee does a great job, you never notice him,” said Philip Myers Band Engineer Dave Voight. “If he does a bad job, everyone notices him. So it’s a little bit like that. Like, if I do a great job tonight no one is going to notice me. Everyone is going to have a fantastic show and that’s how it’s going to go.”

Crew members say they plan on putting on a memorable night for those who head out to the concert.

“You get noticed if something goes wrong,” he said. “But my job is to make sure nothing does go wrong. Doing all of the stuff ahead of time, troubleshooting, testing lines, making sure that we don’t have trouble tonight.”

It’s the little things in preparing for this type of cause that could make all the difference.

“Getting the stage crew,” he added. “Setting everything up in the right place, but when the show actually starts I’ll be the one out here doing the mix.”

From the stage to the music, it’s all about putting the pieces together for a great performance.

“Making sure everything is in the right places,” Voight explained. “Making sure we have a separate monitor engineer. So there’s a separate engineer on stage with mixing just for the band.”

This experience is about helping people in our community and having an incredible time with friends, family and music.

“I get to mix Journey and Santana tonight,” he said. “That’s my job. Work. Work. Work. I love what I do. I feel very lucky that I get to do this for a living.”

The Sock Out Cancer concert begins 8 p.m. Friday night at the Broome County Forum Theatre.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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