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Parts of Harpursville and town of Afton damaged after storm

(WBNG) — Many woke up to a mess after recent storms caused damage across various parts of the Southern Tier, including Broome and Chenango County.

Homeowners on Main Street in Harpursville had a rude awakening early Monday morning.

Jean Rogers of Harpursville, dealt with storm clean up, after a tree fell on her home.

“I’m very overwhelmed right this moment with dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjuster, what we’re going to do, but very thankful that we weren’t hurt,” said Rogers.

Rogers says she’s experienced flooding before, but not something of this magnitude.

“The ceiling in the upstairs is fallen in,” Rogers explained. “It’s caved in. There’s part of a pine tree hanging from in the hallway in the upstairs bedrooms and we have water of course coming in.”

Rogers says she still can’t believe something like this happened.

“Is this possible,” she added. “How could this happen? Because it didn’t seem like the wind lasted that long.”

She tells 12 News she’s thankful to be surrounded by her family who will help her pick up the pieces.

A home on Route 26 in the town of Afton also experienced issues. Part of a tree fell on the home’s roof.

“I heard the scanner go off and I came downstairs to see what was going on and it was about that time it went through a big swoosh and then a crash and the house shook and that was it,” homeowner Ralph Lowe, of the Town of Afton.

Lowe says it’s the first time a tree has fallen on his home.

Lowe says he’s glad no one was hurt and a tree service was at his house earlier picking up the tree branches.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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