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Jake Topa – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) – “I am sad to say that I will never wear that red helmet and have Forks across my chest after this spring but a new journey is opening up,” said Chenango Forks senior Jake Topa.

One field, two sports, Jake Topa has made his mark during the 2018-2019 school year as one dominant athlete.

“They are so completely different you do the workouts for football and then jump into the spring sport workouts and stuff like that they are so completely different so you gotta adjust there,” said Topa.

Topa ended his football career in the fall with four straight Section IV football titles and the senior will now go play quarterback at the next level where he recently committed to Keystone College.

“The main reason I chose Keystone is how close it is to home, I am always going to be a home body I wanna see my parents and have my parents come to games and everything that was a big thing for me,” said Topa.

Four months removed from football season he’s helped lead the Chenango Forks lacrosse team to the number two ranking in all of New York State in class D.

“Jake over the last three years on the varsity team has definitely contributed each year there are no ifs, ands or buts about that,” said Chenango Forks head coach David Pavlick.

“We came out against Vestal got that huge win and now we are just rolling with it,” said Topa.

While Topa’s Forks football career ended in disappointing fashion with an upset loss in the state quarterfinal game, “I was hoping for the big one wanted to add another ring to our family,” said Topa.

If he has anything to say about it, lacrosse season will be a lot different.

“Honestly a sectional championship would be great but state championship would really be something special because this school has never had one so to put the first one on for this school would be amazing,” said Topa.

“I am definitely looking forward to hopefully playing in those big games and showing everybody what we have got,” said Pavlick.

No matter how this season ends the Jake Topa legacy at Chenango Forks is a strong one.

“I just want to set my own legacy, and have the little kids look up to me and following my foot steps and hopefully in June when I graduate I will have little kids saying I want to be Jake Topa someday,” said Topa.

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