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Local family needs your help, Endicott woman battling serious illness

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — A local woman with serious medical issues is restricted from doing normal, everyday things. Now her family is looking to get her into a special space to help her recover.

When you walk outside to enjoy the fresh air or breeze you probably don’t think it could affect your health negatively. This is not the case for Leah Jalbert.

Leah and Dorian Jalbert of Endicott were just   starting their lives together a few years ago in Florida. As time went by they had their first daughter, Harper, who is now six years old.

“We had a beautiful little girl and she was so blessed to be able to stay at home with her and then we realized we were in a house that had some issues,” said Leah’s husband, Dorian.

That issue was hiding in their Florida home.

“It was mold that was growing behind the walls and Leah started having some issues and she was always really healthy and she could run six miles,” Dorian added. “She could do all kinds of crazy stuff.”

However, their life took a dramatic turn as Leah found herself in and out of the hospital. Everything was linked back to mold in their home.

“It’s called mast cell activation and that’s where her immune system is attacking everything, things she’s never had an issue with before,” Dorian explained.

It has proved to be challenging, as Leah can not be exposed to new germs.

“Sometimes I’ll get 20 migraines a month and they last like, 15 hours at a time depending on what I go exposed to,” Leah told 12 News. “It’s basically survival. I mean that’s like everyday. It’s been that way for four and a half years.”

Now, the family is asking for your help. Leah’s husband and father have been creating a special home for Leah.

“We’re building it with non-toxic materials, materials that she’s not sensitive to, and what that will do is it’ll keep her body from reacting so much to the things that you and I are kind of used to,” Dorian says.

They’re raising money on a GoFundMe Page to help build a sterile space and a better life for Leah and her family. Click here to donate.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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