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Dispatchers describe craziest calls received

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — In honor of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, Broome County Emergency Services dispatchers described to 12 News some of the “craziest” calls they’ve received, that includes callers who just want to chat!

“Sometimes people call because they’ve gotten dropped off in one location, and they want an officer to come get them and take them to another location,” said Mandi Walker, a Broome County dispatcher.

That is just one of the many non-emergency situations Broome County dispatchers said they receive on a daily bases.

“He called and said my child’s having a seizure, please hurry,” described dispatcher Mike Aiken. “I asked all the appropriate questions; age, gender, specifics about the seizure. When the medics did arrive there I was very surprised to find out that it was not a child involved, it was a dog.”

Broome County Emergency Services reminds you that if it is not an emergency, please call your local police station before dialing 911.

Katie Jones

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