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Children hunt for 20,000 Easter eggs at Two Rivers Church

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — More than 20,000 Easter eggs were hunted by children in Johnson City between Easter services at Two Rivers Church.

Children were able to run around the hillside behind the church and collect as many eggs as their baskets could hold.

“They were just trying to stuff all of the eggs, like every single egg, it was really funny,” Jazmyn Heidrich said. “It’s a lot of fun. There are eggs spread everywhere.”

Those baskets were exchanged for a bag of candy and a stuffed animal lamb. Organizers said candy was not put in the eggs because it could melt and make a mess of the hillside.

“The kids are happy and joyous and just wonderful,” Miranda Poole said. “I wish I could be a kid again and actually partake in the Easter egg hunt. Coming here just knowing that you can come here as you are and they accept you and love you, and learn about Jesus in the process.”

Children participated in activities before the egg hunt while their parents were in the service. This included dying eggs and learning the reasons behind Easter.

“They had to go to kids church before they went to the Easter egg hunt so they are getting the good news of Jesus is what they are getting today,” Pastor John Snider said. “So they’re going to get that today then they are going to get a real wholesome experience with their families that they can remember and fondly look back on.”

Similar events were held at other Two Rivers Churches across the Southern Tier. Those locations had around 5,000 eggs. Organizers hope to have more eggs at all locations next year.

“That makes my heart swell because when you see the child, you know Jesus says have child like faith, and when you see them smiling, laughing, having a good time, you know that you’ve come here and we’ve made a success,” organizer Amy Odom said. “Because those kids are just having the time of their life at that moment.”

Brendan Tierney

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