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Family spends Easter Sunday chasing down an emu, sleeps in their basement

(WBNG) — Easter Sunday was a memorable one for a few neighbors who spent the day chasing down an emu.

Charisse Oates was about to sit down for Easter dinner when she says, “my wife carried our dogs in and said there’s an emu outside.”

Her mother-in-law first spotted the bird in their backyard before the animal sent them on a wild ’emu’ chase.

“There was five or six of us trying to corral it to keep it from going in the road.”

On his way home from a friend’s house, Joshua Newell jumped out to take a picture of the ordeal and ended up becoming a part of the chase.

“It chased us around in circles and we chased it in circles for a good 20, 30 minutes,” he said.

Finally, the group captured the bird and brought it back to Oates’ home in the back of a pickup truck.

From there, they put it to bed in their basement with apples, water and blankets.

Staff from Animal Adventure park picked up the emu early Monday afternoon.

Describing the day, Newell said, “it’s definitely an Easter I won’t forget, that’s for sure.”

12 News spoke to New York State Police who said while they’ve dealt with other emus, it’s not clear where this one came from.

According to Troop C Public Information Officer for New York State Police, Aga Dembinska, there was another emu found in Sidney back in March. She says due to the danger it posed to motorists, officers had to shoot it.

Another emu was later found in Hancock which police say died while trying to be captured.

Julia Gorman

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