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Local business owner shares story of grandfather, a holocaust survivor

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — Eliot Fiks of Binghamton presented a piece of history that is near and dear to his heart.

Fiks is also the owner of Whole in the Wall in Binghamton.

At SUNY Broome on Tuesday, he read letters that his grandfather wrote about the experience he had the Night of Broken Glass in 1938, when Jews were attacked.

“My grandfather, I think, was a great writer so I myself was moved as I was reading his words because it took me right to the event as if I had been there myself,” said Fiks.

He says his grandfather’s writings hold true value.

“It’s one of the only letters that describes what happened in great detail and in existence because all of the other letters were written by men who were in-turn in concentration camps so their letters were censored,” explained Fiks.

Students say the presentation was one they’ll never forget.

“I think that when we are able to hear those stories from people, we’re able to kind of tune in to their emotions and their deep feelings and understand a little bit more,” said SUNY Broome freshman Morgan Phelps.

“Often times I found myself tearing up a little bit because whenever you encounter, kind of hear, stories firsthand of the suffering, of our fellow men, it’s always moving,” added SUNY Broome sophomore Sam Shah.

Fiks says it was important for him to share his grandfather’s story.

“I hope people will continue to want to learn about the stories of the holocaust,” said Fiks. “Not so much the numbers or the exact history but to hear and be open to hearing as many stories as you can.”

Fiks’ grandfather’s original letters are located in the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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