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Local doctor gives advice on keeping the measles out of the Southern Tier

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — 681 individuals have been diagnosed with the measles nationwide, with a large number of them coming New York City and Rockland County. 12 News spoke with a local doctor on how to keep the disease out of our area when it’s only less than 200 miles away.

Dr. Eric Lorraine, a practitioner from Endwell Family Physician says there is no strong threat to the Southern Tier, but there are always signs to look out for.

“The trick really with measles is that the symptoms are really similar to other conditions,” says Lorraine. “So it really is fever, cough – a lot of kids get a cough – and a rash. Those are some of the main symptoms people run into.”

The communities from which the outbreak originated have low rates of vaccination, which are fueled by anti-vaccine messages. Dr. Lorraine says the outbreak is unfortunate since it is a preventable disease.

“The tragedy isn’t really that the kids are getting measles,” he says. “It’s the subsequent things that happen from measles that really cause long term disease, long term disability, low birth weight… it’s really unfortunate. It’s just not necessary.”

David Caya

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