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No. 1 BC United Premier Team – 12 Sports Athletes of the Week

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — “This team is unbelievable. they always find a way to win, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said BC United team manager Livio Michitti.

A soccer team that’s turned into a sisterhood.

We always train together, for each other,” said senior Lexi Bartlow. “I think that’s what makes us really special, because we all have a really close bond. I really think that helps us get to where we are.”

So where are they? Well, they’re ranked number 1 in the region, state, and the nation.

“Anyone can beat anyone on any given day,” said senior Kaitlyn Cooke, “but it’s really cool to be put first, and have other teams know that we’re the first in the nation. They’re going to have trouble beating us.”

“It’s really neat that all of us get along and we all train really hard and that a team from Binghamton could be the star of the soccer world,” said Bartlow.

Since the team formed back in 2011, the BC United girls have won a number of New York State Cups, three regional championships, and spent the last three summers competing for a national championship. But each time, they’ve come up short.

“These girls want it so bad,” said Michitti. “I mean, they’ve been there three times and you’d think losing it gets easier, it doesn’t. Every one of them leaves with tears in their eyes.”

“It’s pretty heartbreaking. We’ve trained all year, every year. to go to nationals, and we know that sometimes it hasn’t gone our way,” said Bartlow. “But we know that as long as we keep trying, and working hard, then eventually it might come.”

If there’s a time for it to come, this year would be the storybook ending. For most of the team, their 8 years spent playing together, will come to an end after the season.

“We just want to go out and give it all we have before we leave with all of our teammates and best friends. So we’re kind of hoping, that’s what the goal is”, said Bartlow.

And playing on a team that always finds a way to win, confidence is no issue.

“I think if we make it back though we can definitely, we’re like definitely in it with those other teams,” said Cooke. “We should’ve won it at least once already.”

But no matter what happens,

“I’m going to cherish everything I’ve had with my team,” said Bartlow.

“I’m pretty proud of all of us and what we’ve done,” said Cooke.

“I remember when these girls were 9, 10 years old,” said Michitti. “It’s been great and very rewarding.”

Of the 17 girls on the team, 10 of them have division one scholarships for college. Four will be attending Carnegie Melon, and three are undecided. Kaitlyn Cooke will play at Manhatten College, while Lexi Bartlow will play at Siena College.

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