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Southern Tier woman warning others of Social Security phone scam

TIOGA CENTER (WBNG) — Crooks are calling phones in our area claiming to be from social security and trying steal your information.

Doris Andersen from Tioga Center says spam calls are nothing new to her, but a recent phone voicemail claiming to be from the Social Security Administration made her very concerned.

Below is the text from Andersen’s voicemail:

“This is the Social Security Administration.The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspended your social security number because we found some suspicious activity.”

“It scared me because Social Security, you immediately think your check’s going to be cut off and they said ‘suspend my social security’ and I didn’t know but then I thought, that can’t be,” she explained.

Andersen says while she saw the warning signs right away, she is concerned for others who may fall victim.

“I would think elderly people in the area, especially because they could get confused and would get scared like I did,” said Andersen. “When they say it that way in that type of voice, it scares you.”

Anderson says she immediately reported the call to authorities but also wanted to spread awareness.

“I called the Tioga County Sheriff’s Department and she was like, ‘oh yes, these kind of calls are happening’,” said Andersen. “Then I thought, I’m going to call WBNG because I want people to know and not fall for this scam because it’s not good.”

The Federal Trade Commission says your social security number can never be suspended and if you get one of these calls, do not give any of your personal information, hang up and report the call to local authorities immediately.

For more information on this hoax, click here.

Tyler Brown

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