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Garnar: Hemp industry a ‘game changer’ for Broome County

(WBNG) — Canopy Growth Corporation, a cannabis company based in Canada, is bringing its business to the Southern Tier, in the form of hemp.

While hemp is part of the cannabis family, it is not the same as marijuana. Hemp does not have psychoactive effects, but it can be used to create paper, clothing, body care products, and more.

Canopy Growth plans to house its Hemp Industrial Park at a 48-acre property in Kirkwood, and local officials say it’s going to boost the local economy.

“It really just puts us in the middle of probably one of the largest growth industries in the nation, if not the world, and Broome County is right in the middle of it,” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar.

Garnar says that Canopy is planning on hiring hundreds, possibly thousands of workers. The agriculture industry will also see a boost as Canopy needs fields to grow the hemp. Garnar says Broome County could eventually be the “silicon valley of hemp”.

Canopy Growth plans to start hiring in 2019, and recruit a full workforce by 2020.

Katie Jones

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