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President Trump says NRA ‘under siege’ by New York investigation, Cuomo responds

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — President Donald Trump says the National Rifle Association is “under siege” in New York after state Attorney General Letitia James announced an investigation into the organization.

The Republican president tweeted Monday that James and her fellow Democrat, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, are “illegally” trying to “destroy” the NRA.

James’ office announced the probe Saturday. Last year she vowed to investigate whether the organization, which has a New York office, deserves its tax-exempt nonprofit status.

In a statement responding to Trump, James said that her investigation will follow the facts, and that she wishes Trump shared her respect for the law.

Meanwhile, Cuomo tweeted that New York isn’t afraid to stand up to the NRA.

James’ office is also overseeing a lawsuit alleging Trump used his charitable foundation for campaign purposes.

Gov. Cuomo had this to say in Albany Tuesday, “The investigation by the attorney general is what it is. The attorney general is independently elected and she is elected in this state to enforce the law. The NRA is originally chartered in this state. It’s a not-for-profit organization so she has jurisdiction and she believes it may have been illegal activity. She is pursuing that case. The president’s accusation that it’s politically motivated is all garbage. We don’t do that in New York state.”


Associated Press

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