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New York Teachers calling on Education Department to fix online testing system

(WBNG) — New York State United Teachers are now calling on the Education Department to fix a big issue in its online testing system.

Representatives from N.Y.S.U.T. say in grades 3 through 8, there were problems with its timing and questions for its E.L.A. and math tests.

They say this skewed data the state receives to determine a school’s education level.

Now the representatives are trying to get these issues resolved so students can test fairly.

“We’re here to educate children and we spent an entire day trying to figure out were their answers submitted,” says Joseph Herringshaw, from the N.Y.S.U.T. Board of Directors. “When we’re looking at answers for tests, we really want information we can use to help drive instruction, which allows students to achieve greatness.”

Now N.Y.S.U.T. is saying it wants to bring in collaborative work groups as well as a more diverse set of teachers to come up with fair questions for students.

David Caya

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