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Woman accuses State Sen. Fred Akshar of sexual assault; claims addressed on Facebook

(WBNG) — A woman has accused State Sen. Fred Akshar of sexual assault and the two have spoken out on Facebook.

The accuser, Mirella Masciarelli, is the mother of Mario Masciarelli, the 24-year-old man murdered in 2013. At the time, Akshar served as a captain for the Broome County Sheriff’s Office and investigated her son’s murder. Two years later, Masciarelli said the two connected at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Oneida County.

“The only truth in this tabloid garbage is that there was a brief and completely consensual relationship between myself and Ms. Masciarelli that began and ended long after the conclusion of the 2014 trial,” Akshar said on Facebook.

Masciarelli denies the relationship as consensual in her latest Facebook video posted on Sunday.

“I was drunk and did not consent,” she said.

Masciarelli said it happened on a night she was playing bingo at the casino while Akshar was there for police training in 2015. Akshar described the relations that night as consensual while Masciarelli claims she was too intoxicated to consent.

Akshar addressed the claims on Facebook as a political ploy.

“Enough is enough. This has remained nothing more than a concerted, politically-motivated smear attempt as evidenced by Mike Korchak jumping at the chance to exploit these accusations to garner additional votes in the upcoming District Attorney’s race,” he said.

Masciarelli said she did not come forward earlier because she was worried it would affect her son’s murder investigation.

“I had nothing to gain by going public, but I did have everything to lose such as causing my husband and myself more pain and trauma,” she said.

Masciarelli called on Akshar to resign from his position and said she’s considering pressing charges.

Akshar’s office shared a statement with 12 News which reads in part, “Thank you again to all those who’ve stood with me through these despicable attacks and lies.”

Grace Gagnon

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