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Following local law enforcement on more than 200 mile ‘Road to Hope’ bike ride

(WBNG) — Several local law enforcement officers spent the weekend traveling by bike down to Washington, D.C. to support fallen officers and their families.

Johnson City Patrolmen Katelyn Furman and Dustin Klinko as well as Broome County Deputy Sheriff Will Andres rode roughly 250 miles over three days.

The ride is called ‘the Road to Hope’ hosted by the non-profit Law Enforcement United, Inc. The ride serves to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty.

“They went out everyday and they did their job to keep and protect our community and then unfortunate circumstances and paid the ultimate sacrifice,” said Furman.

The ride not only supports those lives lost, but also the families they left behind, Furman saying, “you can’t bring yourself to imagine being in their shoes.”

Riders say they support the cause in the hopes someone would do the same for them.

“We are one huge, blue family that we’re there for each other, whether we wear a shield, a badge, or what, we’re all one family,” said Andres.

Money raised through the ride benefits C.O.P.S, the Spirit of Blue Foundation and the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Julia Gorman

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