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Andy Davis – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

WHITNEY POINT (WBNG) – “Everyone is looking at it like ‘Andy, you’re the legend.’ and I am like nah, I am just playing, I am just Andy,” said Whitney Point senior Andy Davis.

We’ve seen Andy Davis shine on the football field and the basketball court, but that’s not all.

“Love lacrosse,” said Davis. “It was just a hobby, I just dropped playing t-ball and just picked it up and tried it and fell in love with it.”

That love turned into domination. The four-year captain and five-year starter turned his 2019 season into a historic one, not only at Whitney Point but for all of Section IV.

“It was about halfway through last year where we were like, oh he is going to make a run for it,” said Whitney Point head coach Trevor Erb.

This season Davis broke the record for most points scored ever in Section IV lacrosse.

“It shows me that my hard work paid off and it is cool because it shows the younger guys that they have something to strive for, and have people push to try and be better and build the program up,” said Davis.

That is not all.

“Right now he is tied in 7th place New York State all time with 500 points and we are all very proud of him,” said Erb.

In the back of his mind Davis knew the record was in reach but wasn’t worried about anything but making sure his team won.

“I was keeping track of what I was doing in game but I wasn’t like set on if I don’t get 10 goals I am in trouble for this record, I was just playing,” said Davis.

In the fall Davis will attend Seton Hill University where of course he will be playing lacrosse.

“I did a lot of showcases, a lot of camps and I thought that was the sport I was best at,” said Davis.

With his days numbered there are few words to describe the legacy Davis is leaving at Whitney Point but he hopes it can reflect more on his character then his athletic greatness.

“Just as a good guy, just humble not even a guy who is going to brag about anything, went about my business just a nice guy that you can come talk to,” said Davis.

Davis and the rest of Whitney Point will most likely begin the Section IV playoffs a week from tonight.

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