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Dog park project in Deposit takes big step forward

DEPOSIT (WBNG) — Walking through Deposit, you’ll see plenty of folks around town with dogs. Even still, the town has never had a dog park. So, Matthew Pruitt and three others decided to make a change.

“We know that there was a need for the park itself. Then we started doing fundraisers and approaching the town with the idea. Generally that takes quite a while for the town to get used to that kind of thing,” said Pruitt.

Take a while it did, two years in fact. Most of that time was spent raising money to get the correct paperwork and insurance needed to establish the park.

“There’s not that many places that actually insure dog parks, so finding one was hard. Our lawyers found somebody that could guide us in the right direction and we finally found somebody that was going to help us,” said Pruitt.

With the help of the Owego Dog Park, Pruitt and his partners were able to get the final signature needed to approve of the park and make it official this week.

After all of the paperwork and fundraising, there’s still some minor work left to do.

“There’s a few fence posts that need repaired. Painting for the gazebo that’s already there. We have a bunch of tires that we’re collecting,” said Pruitt.

Pruitt worked so hard so that his dog, his little husky, and also my buddy Archie, and all types of dogs can go out and have fun every single day. Oh, and of course give the dog owners themselves the joy and happiness Pruitt will feel when the park finally opens.

“Well, I can honestly tell you that when I see my dog run through that park it’s going to be one of the best moments of my life,” said Pruitt.

The site of the park was formerly a rotary park, where residents of Deposit gathered and had fun in the summer months. It will soon be a gathering place again, but this time with four-legged friends.

Damon Matson

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