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Skye View Heights offers people 55 and over upscale independent living

Skye View Heights is an upscale independent living development for people 55 or older. This kind of living allows them to live their senior years out comfortably in Endicott.

There’s spectacular views of the river valley and it’s all the conveniences of your own home without the hassles of home ownership.

Mike Vanuga is a tenant there with his wife and he says he loves living at Skye View Heights because of he views, the convenience to Binghamton, Vestal, Endicott, the maintenance is taken care of and the warm, welcoming staff and neighbors.

Vanuga says the biggest concern when you downsize and move from a home you’ve been in for a long time, in his and his wife’s case more than 30 years, is the amount of things you have to get rid of. “The happiest I think is we finally learned how to cut down from what we had in the house, I mean we realized how much was in the house after this many years, I mean it was amazing really when you think about it. So we realized you don’t have to save everything or keep everything and very frankly that was interesting because people were telling us about it says you know, that’s going to be the biggest concern when you move, especially when you downsize going from a house to a rental, but and they were right,” says Vanuga.

He also says the biggest seller of moving into this senior living community instead of others in the area was the newness and the staff, ” It’s almost like when you’re changing from one car to another, you get a new care like oh this is nice. Why did we keep the other one? So that was part of it, also I think, at least for us, the second portion of it was just meeting with the staff, talking with them and so forth we had a good feeling that these are going to be good people to work with and I think that that’s really key because you know that’s going to make or break your deal as far as I’m concerned.”

When Kara Conrad asked him about making new friends after moving in Vanuga said he and his wife are already starting to make new friends and that always makes moving to a new place nice. ” There seems to be a built in community feeling,” says Vanuga.

Skye View Heights next open house is Sunday, May 19 from 12 to 2 p.m. at 416 Overton Street, Unit B in Endicott. To schedule an appointment for a private tour call (607) 238-4844 or click here.

Kara Conrad

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