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They did it! Binghamton University graduate students, nursing school accepts diplomas

VESTAL (WBNG) — Thousands of families from all over the country and world have been filing into the Binghamton University campus this week for commencement.

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger told 12 News on Friday he constantly looks forward to the excitement and bittersweet moments that graduation has to offer every year.

“People always say how do you shake 4000 hands in four days? I say every handshake is a completely separate event,” explained Stenger. “A new face, new smile, congratulations, best wishes, and then the next one is the same level of energy from each student, so its a really fun exciting.”

Stenger said he begins by setting the tone at each ceremony by screaming in excitement. He joked about the handshaking saying he washes his hands right after the ceremonies to not spread germs.

Hundreds of graduate students walked across the stage in the Events Center on Friday afternoon. It was one of nine total ceremonies that run into the weekend.

3,686 graduate from BU this week.

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