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Allison L’Amoreaux – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

TOWN OF UNION (WBNG) – 162 strikeouts, 92 innings pitched and a 1.07 ERA.

“It is a nice feeling to have, it feels good,” said Maine-Endwell junior Allison L’Amoreaux.

L’Amoreaux is dominant and has been tremendous this season for Maine-Endwell softball.

Sometimes after the game my dad is like good game you had 17 strikeouts and I’m like I thought I had seven, it just flies by,” said L’Amoreaux.

“Honestly I am not that surprised, I expected her to be as good as she has been,” said Maine-Endwell coach Joe Mancinelli.

With all those strikeouts. Maine-Endwell fielders describe L’Amoreaux’s performance as boring, which is a great thing for a pitcher.

“Sometimes I am like if this ball comes to me this is what I am going to do and it doesn’t normally happen,” said Maine-Endwell first baseman Amanda Desantis.

There is a simple motto on the mound that keeps L’Amoreaux cool and collected.

“Trust my pitches, finish them, put them over the plate and trust your spin. Trust everything. If they hit the ball your defense will get it and I think that is very comforting and it really helps me as a pitcher to get in the right mental state,” said L’Amoreux.

“A lot of the time I guess we will find ourselves saying oh Ally has got this because she is so amazing,” said Desantis.

“She can dominate both sides of the plate which is the one thing that makes her so special,” said Mancinelli.

She is also a great hitter. L’Amoreaux is hitting .362 on the season with 15 RBI’s.

“Sometimes pitchers aren’t able to hit on a team so if you can go and contribute in the field and then go and knock in a couple of runs and get on base a couple of times it feels really good.” said L’Amoreux.

Even with L’Amoreaux’s lights out numbers on the mound, to her this season won’t be complete without another state title.

“Obviously if we could five peat that would be great, to be a part of a team that has won five state titles would be incredible,” said L’Amoreaux.

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