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Binghamton Author working on four-part book series, “Misercordias”

An author from Binghamton is currently working on a four-part fictional book series called “Misercordias”. Carson McKenna’s first book of the series has been released and she is currently in Kentucky working on the second.

She was inspired to write this series after going on the Kentucky Bourbon trail with her mother and brother. The series revolves around Kentucky Bourbon and two of the families who make it.

“Welcome to Kentucky, where bourbon is king and old rivalries die hard. The Foleys and the Walshes are famous foes whose bourbon distilleries sit next door to each other on the Kentucky Bourbon trail. Their feud dates back to the 1960s, when Wilkie Walsh sued Sullivan Foley in what was later deemed “the Trial of the Century.” Lines were drawn, bridges burned, and 12 FT high hedges were erected to separate the aristocratic Foleys from the wild Walshes. If any Walsh crosses the property line, Mr. Foley reserves the right to shoot him. This is how it’s been for 50 years. Blaise, the Foley heiress, has inherited more than aged bourbon and old money. By birthright, she despises the family next door—with all the passion and fire befitting her red hair. When Patrick Walsh ruins Blaise’s 21st birthday with a stunt that gets him shot by her Daddy, Blaise wonders why he won’t just leave her alone. As time goes on and Blaise slowly allows Pat beyond the hedges, she accepts that he couldn’t do that if he tried. And neither can she…Misercordias is a Romeo and Juliet story, if Romeo drank 110 proof bourbon instead of poison, and Juliet conspired to stab her father rather than herself. It’s the first book in a quadrilogy about the Foleys and Walshes, two dynastic Irish families whose histories are deeply interwoven—whether they like it or not. Though the flagship story is told in 2014, it pivots back in time to 1920 and 1930, describing how Black-Jack Walsh came to America during Prohibition to traffic the Foley’s bourbon. Jack became the era’s most notorious bootlegger, earning a massive treasure that’s been missing since his murder in 1948 (though his descendants, including Pat, never lose hope on finding it…). This story contains a landmine of secrets, a cemetary of skeletons, and a trove of buried treasure…and we’re only in Book 1.”

Carson is currently in Louisville, Kentucky working at the Old Forester Bourbon Distillery to do research for her second book. She says she is learning a lot about bourbon and it’s helping her write the second book which will focus on the history and business about the Foleys and the Walshes and their next steps to ending the feud.

If you’d like to buy Misercordias: Book One you can get it on Amazon or Caron’s website.

Kara Conrad

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