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School districts encourage people to hit the polls

(WBNG) — Schools around the Southern Tier are opening their doors to the community, Tuesday, inviting residents to cast a ballot regarding school budget proposals.

“We definitely want members of the public to come out and voice their opinion as to whether or not they support the school budgets,” said Windsor Central Schools Superintendent Jason Andrews.

These budget votes allow the districts to hear whether or not their programs are supported.

“When we look at all of the teaching, learning, extracurricular activities, transportation, all of those things in the course of a school program that’s really what the voters are voting on,” said Andrews.

Many districts like Windsor Central Schools have increases in spending proposed for the 2019-2020 school year.

“I think this school budget like so many others is a challenge for districts all across the state to balance limited resources and increased costs,” said Andrews.

Windsor Central Schools also has a proposed tax levy increase, which the district says is the allowable limit to the taxes you can collect. That can affect people who live in the area of the district.

Chenango Forks has a tax levy increase proposed as well, and officials there say that’s a main reason to get out and vote.

“This is their way of allowing them to have a say of what their property taxes are and also how they want to see their kids educate,” said Chenango Forks school business executive Mark Putrino.

People at the polls say voicing your opinion about a school is important, no matter what you put in the ballot.

“The school district in Windsor is the most important part of the community, it employs the most people, it is the core to Windsor,” said Steve Herz of Windsor.

Most of the polls for districts around the Southern Tier close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Annie Flaherty

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