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Residents excited about proposed Binghamton Arts DECO District

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Downtown Binghamton may be getting a visual face lift, all in the name of culture.

Plans have been in the works since early last year to create an Arts DECO District in Binghamton.

The district would be centered around the Broome County Forum and extend through the nearby streets.

The purpose would be to create and preserve a cultural district in the middle of the city that would celebrate its arts and heritage.

“There are some things that would be interesting to have and beautiful to have, inspirational and that kind of things,” said Nancy Barno-Reynolds, the executive director of the Broome County Arts Council. “It’s been fun just kind of talking with them about their ideas for the last several months.”

The total cost of creating the DECO District is roughly $3.6 million, which will come from a combination of private and public funding sources.

The mayor’s office told 12 News Friday it is waiting on state approval to continue working on the district. The only project completed so far has been a new marquee for the forum.

Josh Rosenblatt

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