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Despite funding loss, organizers say Johnson City Holiday Parade will march on this December

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Despite a loss in funding, organizers for the Johnson City Holiday Parade say they’re working on a plan to keep the parade around for its 35th year.

The parade has been a holiday staple in downtown Johnson City for decades.

“It’s a good, positive, free activity for the public,” says parade organizer Daria “Dee” Golazeski.

She says the event was partially funded by the Johnson City Field Days. Since that event was canceled, the coordinating organization, Johnson City Business and Professional Women, is facing a steep bill.

“That was our main source of funding for the parade.”

While she says the village of Johnson City covers some of the parade costs, Golazeski’s organization is left with a price tag of roughly $1,000.

She isn’t worried, however, and says canceling the parade is out of the question.

As for who’s ponying up the cash, Golazeski says, “I have good lead on a business individual who’s looking to help us fund the parade.”

“Until the Johnson City Business and Professional Women, as a group announce something different, the parade is on.”

Money would pay for all parts of the parade.

Julia Gorman

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