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Owego-Apalachin Central School District to vote on a new budget June 18th

OWEGO (WBNG) — The Owego-Apalachin Board of Education unanimously voted last night to propose an entirely new budget for the next school year.

After the original budget, with a tax levy increase of 3.83 percent, was voted down last week, the district had 3 options: put the same budget up for a vote, propose a new one, or go to the contingency budget, which district officials say would be disastrous for everyone involved.

“A contingency budget is not good, at all. You’re looking at about $650,000 in cuts, you’re also gonna lose another $100,000 in an Excel project,” said Corey Green, the district’s superintendent. “It would be detrimental to the school district, it’d be detrimental to our programs, and to our kids and the community.”

The newly-proposed budget will have a tax levy increase of 2.83 percent, a one percent cut from the budget that was voted down. Voters will head to the polls one last time on June 18th.

If the budget gets voted down yet again, the district will be forced to adopt the contingency budget, which includes a cut in program funding by roughly $400,000.

Josh Rosenblatt

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