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Mayor speaks about security measures at Binghamton municipal buildings after Virginia shooting

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — In wake of the Virginia Beach shooting, Binghamton Mayor Rich David is speaking out about security at municipal buildings in our area.

“It’s sad, it’s tragic, it’s shocking,” said Mayor David. “Well, there are just under 500 employees that work for the city of Binghamton. So obviously as we saw in Virginia Beach, that is something that can and does occur.”

He says tragedies like this put the topic of safety and security at the forefront of conversations.

“What we do is we look at these unfortunate tragedies that are taking place in other cities as a learning opportunity, as what can we do to better improve and upgrade the safety we have right now. But even when those tragedies aren’t taking place, we have a security committee,” said Mayor David.

While no new measures have been taken since the Virginia Beach shooting to beef up security, the Mayor says safety has been a priority for years.

“Certainly since 9/11, that really reshaped the focus of how mayors look at security in public and in private buildings,” said Mayor David. “That really changed the focus, the paradigm, the conversation of cities large and small.”

He says it’s now always about being one step ahead.

“What we’ve been doing is being proactive. So we constantly think about worst case scenarios and what we need to do to update our security on a regular basis.”

Throughout the years, the city has completed many projects all revolving around public and employee safety.

“There’s currently, on Hawley Street, now the conclusion of a project to replace an employee entrance to make that entrance more secure. We’ve certainly added a lot more cameras at city hall, have changed a lot of the key access points to access card,” said Mayor David.

Bulletproof glass was also recently put in at the renovated police department, and the number of public entrances at city hall have been reduced.

There were multiple police cars parked outside of city hall Monday, but the mayor says they’re not there for added security, and were relocated due to construction.

Annie Flaherty

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