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Binghamton University archaeologists search for Woodstock’s Bindy Bazaar

VESTAL (WBNG) — Archaeologists at Binghamton University and the Museum at Bethel Woods are teaming up to locate the site of the Woodstock festival’s “Bindy Bazaar”.

Just a few hours southeast of Binghamton is Bethel, New York, the site of the historic Woodstock Music Festival that took place in 1969.

This year marks 50 years since the world-famous festival, but despite widespread fame, there are still some aspects of the event that have been lost with time, remaining unknown.

The location of the Bindy Bazaar is what the Binghamton University archaeologists and Museum at Bethel Woods team are on the search for.

The bazaar was a grouping of vendors at Woodstock that worked on a trade and barter system, allowing concert-goers to meet and trade goods.

One of these archaeologists says that there are still parts of the bazaar that have been left behind on-site, even half a century later.

“In the case of the Bindy Bazaar, we just kind of went over the surface, raked off leaf litter, and started to look at rock patterning,” said Binghamton University Archaeologist Maria O’Donovan. “To look at the pattern of the rocks actually looked like the were made by humans or they were naturally occurring.”

With more information and the archaeologists’ findings, The Museum at Bethel wants to recreate a system of trails that will travel through the Bindy Bazaar site .

Abigail Lane

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