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Newly announced ‘Bing Connect’ initiative recruiting young professionals to boost local business

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce is turning to young professionals to amplify business opportunities in the area with its new initiative.

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, along with a few other organizations, launched a new program called Bing Connect.

Its goal is to expose college level summer interns and help them develop professional relationships.

“We’re all fighting for talent…so the best way is to engage them early and help them that not only build your community, but build leadership,” said Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce President, Jennifer Conway.

However, the program is also looking to do more for those interns than get them a new position. Conway says they plan on having social events throughout the summer at baseball games and local restaurants for interns to meet some of their peers.

With recent data showing a decline in New York’s population, Conway says she is hoping the Bing Connect program will help change those numbers.

“It’s of absolute importance to invest in them any way that we can to get them involved and even get their ideas in there and their vision now…not just tomorrow,” said Conway.

The program hopes to give young professionals the opportunity to stay engaged with one another while finding other opportunities to get involved with in the community.

Conway says 10 businesses and 30 interns are already signed up with the initiative.



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