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Police reveal new evidence about Kirkwood crash

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) — We now know new details about the person police say was involved in a car crash and chase in Kirkwood.

Police say the suspect, John Mehne, crashed a stolen vehicle and left the scene. According to police, Mehne threatened one homeowner with an axe, in addition to killing a family dog at another residence.

One local resident and Broome County Historian Roger Luther says that Mehne walked right past his living room window. Luther witnessed Mehne jump into his chicken coop, and began to chase chickens before picking one up and taking off. He says that Mehne traveled to a different house where he tried to hide under a deck.

“It was totally bizarre, it was surreal. Looking back on it, you want to use the word unbelievable, well it truly was unbelievable,” said Luther.

Mehne was previously arrested in Sarasota, Florida for burglary in March. The stolen car he allegedly crashed also had Florida license plates.

Police say that Mehne was apprehended by a canine. He is currently being held without bail, and additional charges may be filed.

Katie Jones

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