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Congressman Brindisi announces congressional app challenge

VESTAL (WBNG) — Students in our area have the chance to create an app and have it featured in the U.S. Capitol building.

It’s all part of the congressional app challenge, a contest where students in grades six through 12 can think up an app, design it, and make it come to life.

Congressman Anthony Brindisi (D) announced the contest at Vestal High School Friday, saying it’s important to get the youth involved.

“To learn how to code, to be knowledgeable in computer sciences, is going to further these students’ academic careers, get into a good college or university, and get a good paying job,” he said.

Students are encouraged to register online by September 15.

“You want to keep students engaged over the summer months in the educational process so when they get back to school in the fall, they can pick up where they left off,” said Brindisi.

It’s the first time New York’s 22nd district has participated in the challenge. Brindisi says he hopes it will show the nation that upstate New York is leading in STEM education.

Annie Flaherty

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