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EPAC: Croaker, the Frog Prince Musical

The Endicott Performing Arts Ceneter produces a Classic Fairy Tale show annually and this year it’s The Frog Prince Musical, “Croaker”.

“Croaker” is a new original musical comedy that has been staged across the U.S. and tells the story of a princess who befriends a frog who was formerly a prince – the consequence of a curse placed upon him by her mother, the evil Queen Helene. “Croaker” is a musical adaptation of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince, otherwise known as The Frog King or Iron Henry. This show will be fun for the entire family.

Croaker the Frog Prince Musical will be happening June 21 to the 23 at the Endicott Performing Arts Center on 102 Washington Ave in Endicott. You can get your tickets now online. To learn more about the musical itself click here.

Kara Conrad

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