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New public works facility to upgrade Town of Owego, saving thousands of dollars

OWEGO (WBNG) — The Town of Owego has broken ground on a new public works facility that the town supervisor says will save the town thousands of dollars.

The new facility will sit next to the Town of Owego Town Hall on New York State Route 434.

Town of Owego Supervisor Don Castelluci Jr. says it will include everything from parks and highway equipment like plows, to town storage and a salt barn.

The current facility sits on Delphine Road in the Village of Owego.

Castelluci calls the current location ineffective and the new spot, an upgrade.

“It really enables the town to act faster in an emergency situation, before we were sort of handcuffed, the river separates both sides of the town.”

Castelluci points out the current facility sits in a floodplain, flooding twice in 2006 and 2011. By moving out of that disaster area, the town will no longer have to worry about water ruining equipment.

Plus, he says the move will cut out the $18,000 the town has to pay for flood insurance.

“As you have older equipment and older buildings you have maintenance issues that’s right off the bat will be a new top of the line facility that will save money as compared to what we have to work with now,” he adds.

Castelluci says in total the project will cost nine million dollars; three acquired through the state of New York and six through a bond.

Calling the money well spent, he says, “those types of savings will be long term.”

The town plans to have the project complete for this time next year.

Julia Gorman

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