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Southern Tier Tuesdays: Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary

Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary is the next organization to receive $2,000 during the Southern Tier Tuesdays Campaign.

Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary we rescues the misfit creatures of the world. It is devoted to caring for all animals large and small, many of which have been left abandoned, neglected and abused.  Every animal is treated with dignity and respect.

The sanctuary has dogs, handicap(special needs) dogs, cats, horses, birds, pigs, turtles, tortoises, goats, geese, ducks, chickens and more, that are all adoptable.

For more information about Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary visit this website or Facebook.

Every Tuesday on Around the Tiers, we will feature different non-profits that will receive $2,000 for the organization. Nominations for the month of July are happening now online.

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