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9 sets of twins prepare to graduate from Norwich High School

NORWICH, N.Y. (WBNG) — Graduation is a special time for many, but for the 2019 Class of Norwich High School, one group of students have double the excitement.

Nine sets of twins are in the graduating class. They include Hannah Baker, Brenna Baker, Griffin Clipston, Marleigha Clipston, Austin Matlack-Grey, Jonathan Matlack-Grey, Maureen Klementowski, Matthew Klementowski, Riley Strong, Ripley Strong, Ava Granquist, Stephanie Donnelly, Patti Donnelly, Tanner Franklin, Dakota Franklin, Ashton Wenzel, Skylar Wenzel, and Olivia Granquist.

“For mostly all of middle school and high school we grew up together and this became really prominent in High School because in elementary school we aren’t really in the same classes together where in middle school we all started being together and people started realizing that there’s a lot of us and this is unusual for this many twins in one class,” said senior Marleigha Clipston.

“It’s been really fun since some of these kids I’ve known since they were three and a little bit like they said putting it all together that they were in the same class really started happening last year and this year, like ‘wow there’s nine sets of you and that realization has been fun,'” said High School Principal Kisten Giglio.

They say while some sets of twins are closer than others, all say they’ve never seen this many sets in a single class.

“There’s something in the water here,” said Skylar Wenzel, graduating senior.

The group tells 12 News this will be the first time many of them will be separated.

“I think graduation is going to be a real test for most of us whether we’re going to be splitting up or staying together, I think it’s because we’re in a different environment, we’re both going to be out of our element if you will and I think that’s going to challenge us, but it should be fun,” said Wenzel.

They say wherever they go from high school, it’s nice to know they have each other.

“Knowing that you’ll always have a friend close by is pretty cool,” said Riley Strong.

The class is scheduled to graduate on June 29.

Jackie Prager

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