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Delaware County Sheriff’s Office begins body camera program

DELHI, N.Y. (WBNG) — Body cameras, one of the latest technologies to record emergency situations, have arrived in Delaware County.

“The body cams are an unbiased witness. You can’t argue with the video tape,” said Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond.

The cameras are activated with a quick double tap, and will record video and audio from the officer’s point of view. The cameras are also activated when emergency lights are turned on in patrol cars.

“There’s a wireless sync that happens between the patrol car and the body camera that automatically activates the camera so that no one forgets to activate it in a tense situation,” said DuMond.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office says the cameras will maintain trust with the public, as well as provide video that can later be used for training purposes.

“They provide complete transparency with the public, so if there’s ever any question, all you have to do is look at the tape and it’s right there,” said DuMond.

Officers are required to wear the body cameras at all times while they are on duty.

Katie Jones

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