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Endicott mayoral candidates address water issues during primary forum

ENDICOTT (WBNG) – Two candidates for Endicott mayor squared off during the primary candidates forum at American Legion Post 82 Wednesday.

Former Democratic Village Trustee Frank Palmisano and Current Democratic Trustee Larry Coppola went head to head during the forum by answering questions from the community.

“By education and experience and by commitment, I’m prepared to be the mayor,” said Palmisano.

“I have a vision for Endicott, I have a dream for Endicott and I feel as if I can make those dreams come true,” said Coppola.

Democratic Candidate Cheryl Chapman was absent from Wednesday’s forum. 12 News reached out to Chapman for a statement but was not able to receive one prior to Wednesday night.

For Palmisano and Coppola, the forum was a chance to make their case for big issues they would address if elected mayor.

“The biggest issue is the budget,” said Palmisano. “The budget is challenging every year. We have to make sure to stay within the guidelines set up by the governor.”

“Probably the single most important thing we need to do is maintain jobs. We need to strengthen our tax base, without the tax base obviously it makes running the village very difficult. We need to maintain our security and safety,” said Coppola.

One of the biggest issues facing Endicott residents is discolored water.

12 News asked the candidates what they would do if elected to fix the issue.

“We need to ensure public health and safety in every way we can. We need to plan for replacing, repairing, and delivering the best possible water system that the tax payers and rent payers deserve,” said Palmisano.

“We have to let the professionals do their job and we’ve hired an engineering firm whose doing a complete and thorough review of the entire water system. Unfortunately, while the study is going on, we can attempt to make corrections but the problem will probably still arise,” said Coppola. “The study starts next month and we are hoping to get some preliminary results by the fall so that we can address some of the issues.”

12 News also reached out to Republican candidate Linda Jackson who sent us the following statement:

“I have been very active with the Water Board. The water department is reviving the two wells on South street, that have not been used in a long time. This new cleaning system will change things dramatically. Because many wells had been shut down in the past, our flushing of hydrant system had to be re scheduled. The Water Department has an extensive plan to re do this schedule so the hydrants are flushed in a better order, etc. Hopefully, when this is all completed, our residents will get the good water they deserve.”

The primary elections is Tuesday, June 25.

Tyler Brown

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