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Tioga County Animal Response Team creates disaster relief trailer

OWEGO (WBNG) — The Tioga County Animal Response Team created a pet disaster relief trailer to keep your furry friends safe while you care to a disaster.

“What we found with our prior disasters is families don’t want to leave their pets behind because they are family members,” explains Tioga County Animal Response Team Coordinator Denise Liske. “By having this as a secure location, where now you can bring your animals, sign them in, we’ll take care of them while you deal with life and everything else going on”.

The trailer is meant to cater to disasters such as the flooding that has hit Tioga County in the past, but Liske says they are looking into other situations as well.

According to Liske, the trailer cost around $40,000. About half of that cost came from the American Kennel Club Reunite grant program and the other half raised from local kennel clubs.

The response teams says they have all of the necessities an animal might need in an emergency situation.

“There are numerous kennels, I believe there are 80 in total,” explained Liske. “Feeding bowls, cleaning, intake forms, leashes, microchip scanners, microchips everything you would need to actually pull this trailer up on scene and set up to go.”

Even though they have supplies, Tioga County Emergency Services is still seeking help. The trailer alone will need about 60 volunteers on standby when disaster strikes, who will then care for and help reunite pets with their owners

Katie Jones

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