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Binghamton City Council hopes city’s security issues are put to rest

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Binghamton City Council decided Monday to bolster its current cybersecurity policy.

This comes after several recent events, such as sensitive videos of city assets surfacing online and a hack of the county’s system, forced the council to consider whether its existing policies were adequate.

The council will create a resolution that will limit video access in city facilities and increase cybersecurity training to avoid attacks against its infrastructure.

“If something like that were to happen either to an electrical grid, water plant, sewage system, it could cause a lot of damage,” said City Councilman Chris Papastrat.

City employees were most recently trained on cybersecurity issues last summer.

While there’s no clear timeline on when a resolution will be created and passed, the city council hopes it will prevent future security breaches.

Back in November of 2018, the New York State Comptroller’s Office released an audit of Binghamton’s Water Treatment Plant, which directed the city among other things to delete a video of the facility from its website. However, a 12 News investigation found a copy of that same video still publicly available on Youtube, where it currently has more than 4,500 views. The mayor’s office said it has been unable to take the video down because it does not have access to the account that posted it.

In early June, City Councilman Dan Livingston livestreamed a tour of the sewage plant on his Facebook, and the city cited that audit when asking him to take the video down.

Josh Rosenblatt

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