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Mostly cloudy now, but showers are on the way

AFTERNOON: Mostly cloudy. High 74 (72-78) Wind N 3-8 mph

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy, showers. 0-.10” 20% Low 58 (56-60) Wind E 3-8 mph

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy with showers. 0-.10” 40% High 76 (72-78) Wind N 3-8 mph

TUESDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy with showers. 0-.05” Low 58 Wind L&V

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. 30% High 76 Low 60

THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy with rain and showers. 60% High 76 Low 58

FRIDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy. High 74 Low 54

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy. High 76 Low 54

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy. High 78 Low 58


The slow moving front that gave us rain yesterday has stalled to our south. Close enough to give us clouds. Far enough away to keep showers out of the forecast. We will put scattered showers in the forecast tonight.

We’ll see a similar forecast over the next few days. Clouds and showers with seasonable temperatures. The best chance of rain will be Thursday.

Good news for Friday and fore the weekend. Partly to mostly cloudy skies Friday with partly cloudy skies Saturday and Sunday.

Brian Schroeder

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